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Grand Prix Hohhot hopes to welcome Japanese top team

21 May 2019 13:15

   IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation

Perhaps we can see the Japanese team in full force at the Grand Prix in Hohhot this weekend where the team of the eventual Grand Slam Baku line-up is again selected. In Baku 20 of the 28 top Japanese cancelled but are again in the draft for this Grand Prix in China. Not yet they are in the banner of the IJF for this event, let's see. One thing is sure, World Champion Uta Abe will make her return in Hohhot.

Here are some of the clashes we look forward to.

Ono vs Hashimoto

The U73kg would obviously be one of the most interesting clashes as many judo fans around the world want to see a match between double world champion Soichi Hashimoto and current Olympic Champion Shohei Ono who defeated stylist Masashi Ebinuma in the final of the Japanese Championships and in Düsseldorfs Grand Slam. Perhaps in Hohhot we will get to see them.

Maruyama vs Abe

Also in the men’s U60kg and U66kg juicy double positions were scheduled in Baku with Nagayama and Takato and U66kg Maruyama and Abe. Maruyama defeated the World Champion a few times now and will now perhaps showcase a total take-over in Hohhot.

The Wolf

All Japan champion Aaron Wolf would have been present U100kg together with Düsseldorf winner Kentaro Iida. Baku was about to give a good indication of the strength of Japan in advance of the World Championships, let’s see if he will act in this Grand Prix for a few practice rounds.

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  • Grand Prix Hohhot (2019, CHN) - © Mongolian JudoHeroes
  • Grand Prix Hohhot (2019, CHN) - © Mongolian JudoHeroes
  • Grand Prix Hohhot (2019, CHN) - © Mongolian JudoHeroes

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