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A star is unearthed as Arman Adamian wins Grand Slam gold
A star is unearthed as Arman Adamian wins Grand Slam gold
17 Mar 2019 16:25
Mark Pickering - IJF
IJF Marina Mayorova / International Judo Federation

Russian Arman Adamian and countryman and five-time world medallist Kirill Denisov put on a classic final in the U100kg category in front of their home crowd. Adamian starred in the preliminaries with some devastating ippons and met a gritty veteran in Denisov with both men desperate to represent their country on the top of the medal podium.

In a changing of the guard for Russia, Rome European Open winner Adamian scored a waza-ari from a ura-nage and that was difference after four minutes as the 22-year-old newcomer wrapped up gold in only his second Grand Slam appearance

In the first semi-final Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist Peter Paltchik (ISR) was dismissed by Adamian by ippon from a ko-uchi-gake. In the second semi-final Denisov threw Cancun Grand Prix winner Niiaz Bilalov (RUS) with an o-uchi-gari for ippon.

The first bronze medal was won by Osaka Grand Slam silver medallist Shady El Nahas (CAN) who threw Bilalov for a waza-ari in golden score from a makikomi effort. The second bronze medal went to Paltchik who bested former world number one Michael Korrel (NED) by a waza-ari score from a counter attack.