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Which supplements are most important for a judoka?

15 Jun 2018 09:40

   Oliver Sellner

These days judo is a multi disciplinary sport; a lot is asked from a judoka. Not only the right technique, but also strength, condition, a good mentality and regenerative capacity are a key to succes. Next to a good training schedule, enough rest and a healthy diet, nutritional supplements can support you to reach your goals.

The most important supplements for sportsmen are whey, creatine, magnesium and a multivitamine.

According to the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) an overall daily protein intake in the range of 1.4-2.0 g protein/kg body weight/day (g/kg/d) is sufficient for most exercising individuals. This will help you building muscle and support you in maintaining muscle mass through a positive muscle protein balance. And there is novel evidence that suggests higher protein intakes (>3.0 g/kg/d) may also have positive effects on body composition in resistance-trained individuals. Rapidly digested proteins that contain high proportions of essential amino acids (EAAs) and and adequate amount of leucine, are most effective in stimulating MPS. To increase your protein intake  you can use whey as an important tool which will help you to reach your goals.  Use whey Isolate; this has the highest levels of EAAs and is the most pure whey available on the market compared to other forms such as whey concentrate.

Also according to the ISSN creatine monohydrate is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes with the intent of increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass during training. Use creatine monohydrate; it is the most extensively studied and clinically effective form of creatine for use in nutritional supplements in terms of muscle uptake and ability to increase high-intensity exercise capacity.

Sportsmen also can use a complete multivitamin and a magnesium supplement to be sure to ensure the intake of all necessart vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.

Are you looking for the best quality supplements? Flinndal Sport has the best; competetively priced, tested by an independent lab and free of doping.

P.S. Happy birthday Noël

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  • Noël Van 't End (NED) - European Championships Tel Aviv (2018, ISR) - © Oliver Sellner
  • Sanne Van Dijke (NED) - Grand Prix Hohhot (2018, CHN) - © IJF Media Team, IJF
  • Jorre Verstraeten (BEL) - The Hague Grand Prix (2017, NED) - ©, judo news, photos, videos and results

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