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Draw of the Super Challenge - International Teams Cup

14 Jun 2017 23:55

   Brazilian Judo Federation

One day for the start of the Super Challenge - International Teams Cup in Bahia the draw was conducted with the attendance of the coaches of the 8 international teams who are about to compete on Thursday

Super Challenge - International Teams Cup. Very good! We had the draw today defining this contest sheet:
Contests (Quarterfinals)
Brazil x France
Italy x Portugal
Russia x Germany
Great-Britain x Netherlands
You can also use those comments that I took with some coachs about being here and fighting this event:
"France is a hard opponent, but I always tell my athletes if we want to be the champions we must face everybody. There is no good or bad draw. The Teams are very strong but we count with the experience of our athletes. Most of them have a good rythm of competition and I think that it is going to be our advantage at this contest", Douglas Vieira, Brazilian coach
"It is my first time in Brazil, the athmosphere is amazing. The competition will be very good, with good nations and I think we are going to like to fight in Brazil. It is a great experience for the athletes we are happy to be here and fight against some of the best judo nations", John Van der Meer, Netherlands coach
"It is difficult to be here because it seems like holidays. The weather, the beach, this hotel. We must to keep focused on the competition. It is good to think fight to fight. We always hope to win every combat. We have an olympic athlete and he is the leader of this young group. I think we have good chances and of course we expect to win the gold medal", Patrick Kuptz, German coach

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