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Rafaela Silva and Majlinda Kelmendi awarded for their international impact

16 Nov 2016 09:10

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ANOC awards

Rafaela Silva and Majlinda Kelmendi were among the winners of the annual ANOC gala held in Doha in Qatar on Tuesday. Both the Brazilian and Kosova Olympic Committee received the awards from this international platform for National Olympic Committees.

At the annual meeting of National Olympic Committees, the spectacular 2016 ANOC Awards took place as the world’s NOCs and representatives from throughout the Olympic Movement came together to celebrate and honour the best sporting achievements from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. 

The ANOC Awards 2016, organised by the Qatar Olympic Committee, showed sport’s power to unite different nations and cultures as delegates from 205 NOCs gathered at the state-of-the-art Qatar Convention Centre for the third edition of the awards. Two judo related awards were handed out.

The Brazilian Olympic Committee was awarded for the Most Inspirational Performance by Rafaela Silva. The Brazilian won gold U57kg in Rio and the story of Rafaela is clear. She is the example of people from the Favelas. Silva was in Qatar to receive the award.

The Kosovo Olympic Committee was awarded for its first ever Olympic Gold medal with a Breakthrough NOC award. The price was accepted by Majlinda Kelmendi and Kosovo Olympic Committee President Besim Hasani. Also Kelmendi’s coach Driton Kuka, IJF President Marius Vizer were present at the award ceremony, as well as plenty people involved in judo on behalf of their Olympic Committee.

Majlinda Kelmendi said to Inside the Games: “I was thrilled to bring Kosovo its first ever Olympic gold medal after it became a member of the International Olympic Committee two years ago. Becoming an Olympic champion is always an amazing achievement, but it means so much to me that I was able to do that while competing for my country for the first time. I want to be someone people can look up to and this ANOC Award will help me spread the Olympic values back home.”

Paying tribute to IJF President Marius Vizer, who was in the audience, Majlinda Kelmendi declared: “The person who deserves the most credit is Marius Vizer. He was the first person to visit Kosovo and to try to help us. He has been with us throughout our journey, throughout my own personal journey. Thank you Mr President a million million times.”

Rafaela Silva reacted: “To win Brazil’s first gold medal of Rio 2016 in front of a passionate home crowd was an unforgettable experience. I had worked incredibly hard over the past four years to put myself in a position to succeed and it is fulfilling to know it was all worth it. It is a privilege to be in Doha for this fantastic event, I have loved sharing this experience with fellow Olympians and I would like to thank ANOC for awarding me this honour and the Brazilian Olympic Committee and our President Carlos Nuzman for making this possible.“

“I think that's my goal, to inspire people through sport. Regardless of where we come from, what color we are born, everyone should just fight so they can accomplish as much as they can. I am very happy to know that I can help transform the lives of people.”

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  • Rafaela Silva (BRA) - 2016 Olympic Games day 3 Judo U73kg & U57kg (2016, BRA) - © JudoHeroes
  • Majlinda Kelmendi (KOS) - 2016 Olympic Games day 2 Judo U66kg & U52kg (2016, BRA) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation

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