World Championships Seoul - Event

World Championships Seoul

  • Date: 26 Sep 1985 - 29 Sep 1985
  • Place: Seoul, South Korea
  • Type: World Championships
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COLUMN: Tribute to Neil Adams

16 Jun 2020 13:00

The first time I saw Neil in person, was at a Destination Judo event in the north of England, where he was the attraction at a kids seminar. At the end of the day he stayed back for photos. A lot of photos. Every kid that day went home with a memento of having shared the mat with a living legend, one who’s smile in the last picture of the day, matched the first. I got him to sign my copy of his great book A Life In Judo. Read more

ADH20091024-1667_ Hitoshi Saito

Judo legend Hitoshi Saito passes away

28 Jan 2015 17:30

On the morning of his gold-medal match at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Hitoshi Saito looked relaxed and cheerful. Talking with national team coach Haruki Uemura and other team members, he declared, “This is great. This nervousness. I’m really excited.” But on the inside, it was a far different story for the 27-year-old. One by one, Japan had failed to win a gold medal in men’s judo, and Saito represented the last chance to restore Japanese pride in the over-95-kilogram class. Read more