Cadet World Championships Almaty - Event

Cadet World Championships Almaty

  • Date: 25 Sep 2019 - 29 Sep 2019
  • Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Type: World Cadet Championships
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Kazakhstan delivers another lightweight Cadet World Champion

25 Sep 2019 17:10

The Almaty crowd was warmed up for another final of the day at these World Championships. The men’s U50kg promised a lot. A duel between Kazakhstan's Nurkanat Serikbayev and France's Romain Valadier Picard. And these two were authentic warriors, scoring and defeating one by one all their opponents. Read more


Hungarian Luca Mamira captures World title U40kg

25 Sep 2019 17:00

Hungary continues to grab medals in each age category. Super lightweight Mamira Luca became the successor of Gerczak Szabina (2013) and Varga Brigitta (2017). The youngster was the strongest in her category U40kg. Read more


Taipei's Lin Chong-You stunts to first male World gold

25 Sep 2019 15:10

Lin Chong-You is the first male World Champion of his country Chinese Taipei. The youngster won the category for boys U18 years U55kg in the final against Sato Yuma of Japan. Taipei judo is developing rapidly. At opening day of the World Championships Yang Yung Wei took a seventh place and it was not a surprise that Yang won bronze at the Grand Prix in Tashkent. Also Liao Yu-Jung took a seventh place for women U63kg at the World Championships in Tokyo. Read more


New experiences for cadets at worlds in Almaty

25 Sep 2019 10:10

The World Championships for cadets takes place this week in Almaty in Kazakhstan, for many quite a trip and a huge experience. The first day of the World Judo Championships Cadets, the Baluan Sholak Sport Hall in Almaty looks like an anthill. Read more

2015_SarajevoU18_finalU44_Daria Bilodid (1)

Daria Bilodid: the role model of all cadet world champions

24 Sep 2019 11:10

Obviously everyone knows the story of Daria Bilodid, the current double senior World Champion won the cadet world title in 2015 in Sarajevo. In the previous World Championships Min-Jong Kim (KOR) became cadet world champion in Chile and he finished with bronze at the last senior World Championships in Tokyo. There are countless examples of successful transitions from cadet to senior level, but it's not an ABC. Read more