Judo in Venezuela

Judo in Venezuela was an average sport, but in 1992 three succesful women booked extraordinary results at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Xiomara Griffith, Willis García and María Elena Villapol finished seventh. In 1984 Natasha Hernandez won the world title in Vienna. Now those times return with Elvismar Rodriguez who won the IJF Grand Prix in Budapest in 2016.

Judo legends B S G

  • Natasha Hernandez
  • 034
  • Giovanna Blanco
  • 143
  • María Elena Villapol
  • 423
  • Javier Guedez
  • 423
  • Ludwing Ortíz
  • 631

Natasha Hernandez - Super star

Elvismar Rodriguez - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Anriquelis Barrios
  • 010
  • Karen Leon
  • 100
  • Elvismar Rodriguez
  • 100

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Judo event Type Place Date
PJC World Cup Purto La CruzWCupPurto La Cruz9 Jul 2011
PJC World Cup Isla MargaritaWCupPorlamar19 Jun 2010
Copa Simon Bolivar Isla de MargaritaITPorlamar17 Jun 2006
Copa Simon Bolivar Isla de MargaritaITPorlamar17 Jun 2005
Campeonato Sul Americano Rio de JaneiroITRio de Janeiro22 Oct 2004


Name Birthdate Age
Mabel Mendoza8 Dec 199525 years
Vicente Martorelli8 Dec 198634 years
Noel Pena11 Dec 199228 years
Disney Ramos12 Dec 199525 years
Maria Suarez18 Dec 199030 years