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The sports activity in Jordan is judo. Strange as it may seem, this sport born in Japan, thousands of kilometers away, has become the sport of the youth of Buseira. Initially practiced by a handful of enthusiasts who learned it within the army, judo found a breeding ground favorable to its development in the small city. Today, most of the Jordanian national team comes from Buseira.

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  • Ibrahim Khalaf
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Ibrahim Khalaf - Super star

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Judo event Type Place Date
Arab Games AmmanArGAmman20 Aug 1999


Name Birthdate Age
Mohammad Khalaf7 Sep 198436 years
Almashaqbeh Mohammad12 Sep 199327 years
Bilal Eiealsalman17 Sep 199327 years
Musab Abu Alteen4 Oct 199822 years
Musa Khalaf9 Nov 197545 years