Judo in Chad

In October 2017 President of the Judo Federation of Chad and Sport Director of the African Judo Union was elected President of the National Olympic Committee of Chad. For many years, President Djermah has been very active to promote judo and sports in his country, as well as on the continental level. This is a great achievement for him and for judo having been elected at this new position.

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Name Birthdate Age
Abakar Mbairo Mazou16 Dec 199225 years
Adam Hassane Tahir23 Dec 199225 years
Brahim Mahamoud27 Dec 198631 years
Gedeon Daniella30 Dec 199720 years
Tapra Felicite31 Dec 198829 years


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Result City Date
2Tokyo3 Dec
1Hohhot2 Jul
3Warsaw22 Apr
1Antalya9 Apr
5Düsseldorf26 Feb