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European Open season opened in Lisbon and Sofia

4 Feb 2017 09:20

Two European Opens this weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria, and close to Lisbon in Odivelas in Portugal. The two events are the European kick-off of the European Open, where many athletes will experience the new rules for the first time in a contest situation. The Portuguese however won't have their two eyecatchers Celio DIas and Jorge Fonseca. Read more


Mark van der Ham leaves Holland for Flemish Federation

1 Feb 2017 10:40

Not just Dutch athletes seemed to leave, but also coaches. Since the centralisation policy of the Dutch Judo Association is on conflict with various judoka. Also coaches make decissions to find a job elsewhere. Dutch coach Mark van der Ham didn't prolong his contract with the Dutch Association. Read more


IJF awards 14 World leaders 50,000 USD each

1 Feb 2017 09:15

The International Judo Federation has awarded all 14 judoka who ended 2016 as the world number ones with an extra $50,000 each in prize money. Seven male judoka and seven female judoka received the cash windfall as 10 countries were represented at the top of the final world ranking list for 2016. Read more


Injuries nag obligatory Hungarian Championships

29 Jan 2017 17:25

Although the usual suspects won gold medals at the recently contested Hungarian Championships, several new victors stepped onto the podium in the absence of some of the country’s top athletes, many of whom are dealing with injuries. Read more


Defending World Champion Kaori Matsumoto pregnant

26 Jan 2017 12:10

Happy new from Japan. What was expected, is true. Kaori Matsumoto announced her pregnancy. In October The Beast announced to marry this year with a cook! Read more


Nikos Iliadis removed as head coach, Ilias Iliadis not amused

26 Jan 2017 09:45

The new administration of the Greek Judo Federation installed last week, have removed Nikos Iliadis (59). The head coach of the Greek team, was coach since 2000 and adoptive father of Ilias Iliadis. The triple world champion is not amused and strikes back. Read more


Top athletes look forward to Paris Grand Slam

25 Jan 2017 17:50

The Grand Slam of Paris is the big test where many international judo fans are looking forward to. Although the first African Open was held in Tunis, and next week Lisbon and Sofia host the European Open, Paris the event where it will happen. Read more

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