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The Kodokan dojo full of champions

13 Jun 2017 13:55

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The top athletes are in full preparation for the World Championships in August in Budapest. It’s a time for training camps. Last week a big training camp in Leibnitz, some of the athletes fly to Brazil for an international team event in Lauro de Freitas in Bahia with additional Training Camp. Some will go to Porec for the Judo festival such as the Russian team. Some will stay for two weeks, some for 5 days and continue to fight in Celje (SLO).

However many athletes are now in Japan at the Kodokan to train with some of the best talents around. The top players from Brazil, Mongolia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Iran and China. From Europe France with Teddy Riner who again trained with Shohei Ono. Also great athletes from Ukraine with Zantaraia and youngster Daria Bilodid, Sweden, Azerbaijan with European Champions Heydarov and Mammadov and the Georgian team with some of their top players in action. From Switzerland, Estonia and Belarus with their top athletes such as European Champion Slutskaya.

Other players go to the Grand Prix in Cancun (MEX) this weekend, but so far not many athletes have registered. End of June the Grand Prix of Hohhot will be held as last World Tour event for the World Championships and athletes will move to the Training Camp in Castelldefels, Spain. 76 days to go and each part of the tatami is used in Tokyo, Cancun, Porec all around the world.

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  • Photos with JudoInside news (2016, NED) - © Athlete Instagram
  • Photos with JudoInside news (2016, NED) - © Athlete Instagram
  • Photos with JudoInside news (2016, NED) - © Athlete Instagram

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For the very first time, an equal number of men and women will compete in judo at the summer Olympic Games. In a move that will significantly increase gender parity, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board approved the event program for the 2020 Tokyo Games on Friday. In judo it will mean a decrease for male athletes from 22-18 and increase of women from 14-18. Read more


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