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The most appealing judoka from Montenegro is Srdjan Mrvaljevic. Although living in Serbia he won silver at the World Championships in 2011 in Paris. With Arso Milic, Ivana Sunjevic and Danilo Pantic Montenegro have a successful youth to expect more success in the future. Montenegro judo is getting stronger each year. The Montenegro Judo Federation organised the European Cadet Championships in Bar in 2012. Led by 1989 World Champion Dragomir Becanovic.

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Judo event Type Place Date
Balkan Championships Herceg NoviITHerceg Novi3 Sep 2016
Montenegro Championships NiksicNCNiksic10 Apr 2016
Montenegro U21 Championships Niksic NJunNiksic26 Mar 2016
Montenegro U18 Championships Herceg NoviNCadetHerceg Novi28 Feb 2016
Montenegro U23 Championships Herceg NoviN23Herceg Novi25 Oct 2015


Name Birthdate Age
Ivana Nikolić1 Apr 200116 years
Danilo Todorovic1 Apr 199819 years
Lazar Garcevic1 Apr 199720 years
Jovan Kostic3 Apr 199621 years
Stefan Vidakovic14 Apr 200017 years


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5Düsseldorf26 Feb
1Rio de Janeiro2016