Judo in Great Britain

British Judo was happy with the bronze Olympic medal of Sally Conway in Rio2016. In London2012 the British Judo Association won Olympic silver by Gemma Gibbons and Karina Bryant. British judo is waiting for a new Judo World Champion. The last was Craig Fallon. The last Olympic Champions were Diane Bell and Sharon Rendle in 1988. In total British Judo had 11 World Champions and 16 world titles. Karen Briggs (4), Diane Bell (2) and Sharon Rendle (2) won multiple judo world titles. Graeme Randall and Craig Fallon are the only male judo world champions of the BJA. The European Open in Glasgow and European Cup in London are the main events.

Judo legends B S G

  • Karen Briggs
  • 249
  • Diane Bell
  • 746
  • Neil Adams
  • 536
  • Karina Bryant
  • 664
  • Sharon Rendle
  • 615

Karen Briggs - Super star

Neil Adams - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Lucy Renshall
  • 022
  • Max Stewart
  • 102
  • Jemima Yeats-Brown
  • 311
  • Alice Schlesinger
  • 011
  • Kelly Edwards
  • 301

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Judo event Type Place Date
British University Championships SheffieldNUCSheffield18 Feb 2017
British Championships SheffieldNCSheffield12 Dec 2016
British U21 Championships SheffieldNJunSheffield10 Dec 2016
British U15 Championships SheffieldN15Sheffield3 Dec 2016
British Cadet Championships (16-18) SheffieldNCadetSheffield3 Dec 2016


Name Birthdate Age
Mollie Game20 Feb 200116 years
Prisca Awiti20 Feb 199621 years
Christopher Turnbull20 Feb 198829 years
Cris Leahy20 Feb 197443 years
Matthew Elliott21 Feb 200017 years


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Result City Date
1Rio de Janeiro2016
2Abu Dhabi2015