Judo in Cuba

Judo in Cuba is super successful with Idalys Ortiz who was in the Olympic judo final again in Rio winning her second Olympic medal and Cubas 36th medal. 1996 Olympic Champion Driulis Gonzalez won four Olympic medals. The famous generation with Amarilis Savón, Legna Verdecia, Estela Rodríguez Villanueva and many other captured 18 World titles. Ortiz was the last in 2014. Asley Gonzalez won in 2013. The famous coach was Ronaldo Veitia who retired in 2016 and was awared by the IJF. A new generation is coming with Ivan Felipe Silva Morales. Since 2014 the IJF Judo Grand Prix in Havana in held.

Judo legends B S G

  • Driulis Gonzalez
  • 4315
  • Idalys Ortiz
  • 4117
  • Daima Beltrán
  • 3213
  • Amarilis Savón
  • 4211
  • Yanet Bermoy Acosta
  • 169

Driulis Gonzalez - Super star

Idalys Ortiz - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Idalys Ortiz
  • 014
  • Ivan Felipe Silva Morales
  • 201
  • Jose Armenteros
  • 001
  • Maricet Espinosa
  • 110
  • Yalennis Castillo
  • 200

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Judo event Type Place Date
Pan American Championships HavanaPanCHHavana28 Apr 2016
Grand Prix HavanaGPHavana22 Jan 2016
Grand Prix HavanaGPLa Havana6 Jun 2014
José Ramon RodriguezITSantiago de Cuba14 Apr 2012
Cuban Championships HavanaNCHavana25 Mar 2012


Name Birthdate Age
Aliuska Ojeda25 Mar 199225 years
Arlendy Morales26 Mar 198334 years
José Rafael Rodriguez Carbonell28 Mar 195958 years
Venancio Gómez Mola1 Apr 195859 years
Reinier Acosta9 Apr 199027 years


First description Second description Third description Four description
Result City Date
5Düsseldorf26 Feb
1Rio de Janeiro2016