Judo in United Arab Emirates

Judo UAE, the United Arab Emirates, was boosted by the Olympic Bronze medal by Sergiu Toma at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. He won the first Olympic medal. In 2013 UAE invited a big Moldova team to switched. Among them Victor Scvortov and Ivan Remarenco who both won bronze at the 2014 World Championships. Sergiu Toma won four Judo Grand Prix World Tour competitions and Victor Scvortov two. The UAE Judo Federation with General Secretary Naser Al-Tamimi saw their investment back in Rio with the only medal for the UAE over all sports.

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  • Sergiu Toma
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  • Ivan Remarenco
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  • Victor Scvortov
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Sergiu Toma - Super star

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Judo event Type Place Date
Grand Slam Abu DhabiGSLAbu Dhabi28 Oct 2016
Grand Slam Abu DhabiGSLAbu Dhabi30 Oct 2015
World Junior Team Championships Abu DhabiWTCJAbu Dhabi27 Oct 2015
World U21 Championships Abu DhabiWJCAbu Dhabi23 Oct 2015
Grand Slam Abu DhabiGSLAbu Dhabi31 Oct 2014


Name Birthdate Age
Ivan Remarenco7 Aug 198829 years
Omar Alderei11 Aug 199225 years
Rashad Almashjari18 Aug 199819 years
Vadim Bocan29 Aug 199027 years
Hassan Alzaabi3 Sep 199621 years


First description Second description Third description Four description
Result City Date
1Hohhot2 Jul
3Warsaw22 Apr
1Antalya9 Apr
5Düsseldorf26 Feb
1Rio de Janeiro2016